Denver Off The Beaten Track

There is no question that Denver is a truly remarkable city and one that offers plenty of opportunities for fun, adventure, and discovery to both residents and tourists alike. That being said, it can be frustrating to read an article that just mentions the two or three top attractions that are mentioned in every other article you have read about the Mile High City. Read on to learn about some of the hidden gems that Denver and its remarkable suburbs have to offer.

<strong>Casa Bonita Is A Real Place</strong>
Most people have heard of Casa Bonita from the TV show South Park, and because of how crazy it sounds they just assumed this was a made up place in the South Park universe. However, this is not the case. Casa Bonita is real and features cliff divers, crazy skits for the kids, and insane amusement park theme inside of a building, and although the food is notoriously bad the sopapillas are amazing. The experience is well worth it!

<strong>Adrift Tiki Bar &amp; Grill</strong>
There is no shortage of good bars in Denver, and that was even before the microbrew craze blossomed in the city, but you will be hard-pressed to find any place as impressive and with as unique character as Adrift Tiki Bar &amp; Grill. The drinks are tropical, the Tiki bar theme and Polynesian culture is a wonderful change of pace from most of the bars in the city and the food is absolutely fantastic. The Jamaican Jerk cheeseburger is a must try.

<strong>Banjo Billy’s Bus Tours</strong>
Now here is the true definition of a hidden gem as many who live in Denver don’t even know about this! Imagine seeing all of Denver from historical points to the most popular microbrews during a pub crawl all from a bus hollowed out to look like the inside of a hillbilly cabin complete with seating that includes recliners, sofas, or saddles. If you are going to get a tour of the city why not do it in a way that is fun and is going to provide plenty of pictures?

<strong>Jose O’Sheas</strong>
Located in Lakewood, this location offers giant beers, cheap plates of delicious Mexican food (and they are giant plates – especially for the price) and when you hit Happy Hour there is a free taco bar to chow down on while you’re on a budget. A huge draw for the locals you’ll see everyone from college students to young professionals to retired regulars – a must visit location!