Plan Your Visit To The Denver Aquarium

If you are going to be visiting Denver, make sure you plan a stop to the Downtown Aquarium. It is the only aquarium in Denver and it is a fun place to visit for a few hours. It also has an amazing restaurant attached with a cool view of the tank and mermaids put on a show while you are eating.

The Downtown Aquarium is packed with exhibits and they have more than just fish. They actually have a tiger exhibit with two tigers that have a huge habitat to hang out in. There are lots of fun and interactive exhibits and it is the perfect experience for both families and adults. The kids are going to love looking at all the different species and there are plenty of fun things to do for everyone in the family.

There are exhibits that allow you to touch the stingrays and you can also feed some of the animals if you purchase the food. When you need to take a break you can go to the restaurant and enjoy some seafood and also enjoy the view since all the walls are part of the aquarium so you get to watch the fish as you eat. There are also mermaids that will come to the windows and swim.

Make sure you visit the gift shop, as it is huge and has a huge variety of merchandise. You can park for an affordable price across the street and the aquarium is also easy to get to by public transportation and if you are already downtown, you can even walk right over to the aquarium. When you visit the aquarium you feel like you are in another world and the fish are so beautiful and colorful. If you are in Denver and want to see some fish, then make sure you add the aquarium to your list of things to see.

It can get crowded during the summer and holidays, so be prepared to stand in line and be ready to battle the crowds. The aquarium is so popular that there are always lots of people waiting to get in and see it. You might want to consider going towards the end of the day and then staying for dinner at the aquarium restaurant. It won’t be so crowded and you get to enjoy a great meal as well.